“Their finale was something that not many people get to see, especially performed so theatrically, They performed their version
of the Spirit Cabinet which dates back to the 1800s. They were both dressed in Victorian costume which set the scene very well
creating exactly the right atmosphere. This not a piece that many people could get way with but they executed it perfectly…”
An in depth review of
November 2015
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Victorian England was a time of change.
Fear and superstition gave way to a
sense of wonder and amusement.
And magic? Magic became a reflection
of this brave new world, enjoying
unprecedented popularity in theatres
and parlours of a fervent middle class.
The mysteries and marvels of yesteryear
still remain, so enjoy this light-hearted
glimpse into the past recreated by a
Master of the Art

As the mysteries unfold you will doubt
the evidence of your own eyes!

“Thanks for A Night of Mystery,
extremely well thought out. This
was as brilliant and entertaining
night of magic I have ever seen”
A light-hearted glimpse at the marvels of yesteryear
While all our shows are
suitable for adults and children,
A Night of Mystery
is more suited to an adult
audience whereas
A Cavalcade of Wonders
A Victorian Christmas
are particularly targeted at a family
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“Thank you again for putting
on the show, the feedback
has been brilliant with
everyone saying how much
they enjoyed the show and
what a great atmosphere 
there was with so many
people attending…”